Dorsey Intermodal Partners with THACO to Supply Marine Chassis

Dorsey Intermodal announces a partnership with manufacturer THACO Special Vehicles to produce a full line of marine and domestic chassis. The partnership will result in a new option for high volume orders of premier quality chassis in the U.S. market.

About Dorsey
Based in Pittsview, Alabama, Dorsey has been a trusted supplier of trailers for more than 100 years, cultivating strong relationships with a robust dealer network that extends throughout the Southeast and into New England. The company has provided 40’ gooseneck and 23.5 slider chassis from their Pittsview, AL factory for the last five years.

Dorsey recently completed a new production facility to grow capacity and expand its chassis offerings, but the partnership with THACO will more than triple volume capability, increasing from 3,000 units to more than 10,000 per year. 

“We’re excited about the synergy that this partnership will create in the industry,” said Dorsey President JP Pierson. “With our established brand recognition and trusted dealers, combined with THACO’s large volume manufacturing capabilities, we’re uniquely positioned to offer customers an option that’s currently missing in the U.S. marketplace.”

Vietnamese-based THACO Special Vehicles manufactures cars for BMW and Kia as well as commercial vehicles, including buses, dump trucks and trailers. In business for more than 20 years, THACO has grown to become a leading automaker in Vietnam.

In a recent statement from THACO, a spokesperson explained, “America is a lucrative market that THACO has been seeking to enter. It is one of the most challenging markets in the world, with strict quality standards.” The statement went on to say that after thoroughly researching the industry, THACO chose to partner with Dorsey Intermodal for its entrance to the U.S. market, citing Dorsey’s long-held reputation for manufacturing high performance trailers.

Pierson points out that THACO is prepared to meet both high quantity and high quality demand. “The THACO facilities are fully automated with robotic welding, electrostatic painting and other efficiencies necessary for high volume production,” he said. “They also provide vigorous testing and quality controls to ensure each chassis meets the high performance standards our customers require.”

State of the Industry
Unlike China, Vietnam enjoys most favored trade status in the U.S., an important factor in Dorsey’s decision to partner with THACO. “Dorsey Intermodal’s strategic plan included developing a full line of chassis models free from government tariffs,” Pierson said. “Through our partnership with THACO, we’ve reached that goal much quicker than we could have on our own.”

With significant pent-up demand in the current marketplace, Dorsey and THACO are confident their partnership will offer U.S. customers a much needed supply of quality built chassis available for high volume orders, tariff-free.  

Both companies have staked a large investment in this venture, and already the first shipment of THACO-built Dorsey Intermodal chassis are in route to the U.S. market.  

Dorsey Intermodal, a division of Pitts Enterprises, is a top 15 trailer manufacturer in the U.S. We are a premier provider of marine and domestic chassis with unmatched flexibility in design and specifications. Based in Pittsview, Alabama, Dorsey Intermodal is located within 300 miles of four major ports and 500 miles of three others.